Benefits of Solar Energy Systems to your Residence:

Whether your solar PV interests are financial, environmental or both, a growing number of Oregonians are generating their own renewable energy. With generous State and Federal tax credits, coupled with Energy Trust of Oregon incentives, there has never been a better time to consider solar electric or solar thermal alternative-energy options. Current residential solar energy financial incentives can pay up to 75% toward the cost of a solar energy system.

Financial Incentives for Oregon Residences:

Energy Trust of Oregon represents your utility company; PGE, Pacific Power, NW Natural & Cascade Natural Gas. Saving energy costs utilities and ratepayers much less than building fossil fuel power plants – about 1/4 the cost for electricity and 1/3 the cost of natural gas. Pacific Power customers receive $0.75/Watt, PGE customers receive $0.60/Watt and other private utilities offer up to $0.50/Watt in rebates.

State of Oregon Residential Tax Credits

The mission of the Oregon Department of Energy’s Conservation Division is to protect Oregon’s environment. The State Tax Credits rewards those to invest in energy conservation, recycling, renewable energy resources and less-polluting transportation fuels. Receive Oregon tax credits of $1.70/watt up to $6000 of eligible installed system costs.

U.S. Federal Investment Tax Credits

Federal Energy Tax credits are also available for investments in renewable energy sources such as solar electric and solar thermal at the rate of up to 30% of the net installed system costs, cost after Energy Trust of Oregon incentive

Residential Incentives:

Energy Trust & Utility Incentive

Pacific Power
$0.75/Watt DC installed
$0.60/Watt DC installed
Other Private Utilities
$0.50/Watt DC installed

To learn more about State and Federal incentives, visit DSIRE website:

Your financial performance is based upon your tax situation. Consult your tax advisor for actual qualifications. Life of system 25 years @ 80% rated output (PV modules continue to operate well past 25 yrs). Output is based on optimal orientation and exposure.