Why Solar

Why Solar Electric?


  • To be a steward of the Earth’s ecosystem utilizing low maintenance and long life components.
  1. 50% of Oregon’s power is generated by burning fossil fuels.
  2. Clean renewable energy generation reduces CO2 emissions
  3. Eliminate transmission losses reducing the load at power plants.
  4. Postpone the building of new coal/nuclear/gas powered power plants.
  • Reduce your electric bill.
  • Solar electric systems are more affordable today than ever due to improved efficiencies, generous Utility incentives coupled with State and Federal tax credits.
  • Shelter yourself from electricity price increases for the next 40 yrs.
  • As an investment alternative taking advantage of Federal & State tax credits.
  • Desire for energy independence from foreign sources.
  • Add value to your home or business.
  • More affordable today than ever but incentives and credits will likely be reduced.
  • As a revenue stream and get paid for the electricity you produce under Oregon’s Volumetric Incentive Program (Feed-in Tariff)
  • Operates for years without any maintenance.


PGE 2010 Power Resource Mix

Facts about Oregon Power Sources:

In Oregon, over half of our electrical power comes from the burning of Natural gas and Coal. The demand for electrical power increases ~6% per annum and offsetting this demand with clean renewable sources will slow the building of fossil fueled plants and rollout of new nuclear power plants. Yes, we can all make a difference by conserving the power we use and adding to Oregon’s renewable energy resource.


Additional reason to Consider Solar Electric for your Business or Farm:

Businesses & Farms can receive up to 100% of the installed cost of a system in 5 years by taking advantage of Utility incentives, Oregon’s Business Energy Tax Credit, Federal Tax credit not to mention the savings from generating your own power. The system also qualifies for the MARCS accelerated depreciation.

Other Green Considerations:

• Solar PV is viable in Western Oregon.
• Energy necessary to produce PV modules is recovered within 2 years.
• SolarWorld PV modules are made from pure silicon, glass and aluminum. Manufacturing processes avoid or minimize the use of toxic materials like cadmium and arsenic.
• Over its 25 year warranty period, a typical 3 kW home solar system can avoid up to:
- 300 tons of CO2 emissions
- Greenhouse emissions of 51 vehicles
- 31,500 gallons of gasoline consumed
• Solar Options NW supports and installs “Made in Oregon” components. We install SolarWorld Modules manufacture in Hillsboro, Oregon. Think Global but act Local. Keeping our jobs in Oregon while utilizing some of the best hardware available worldwide.